Sunday, June 22, 2008

Affirmations vs Beliefs

Have you ever tried AFFIRMATIONS? Did you succeed?


Believe me I have tried AFFIRMATIONS for almost every area imaginable. But nothing improved until I started working with my long held BELIEFS. Beliefs are picked up by our subconscious before even we reach the age of 7. Our parents, Teachers and Authority figures are all involved in planting LIMITING BELIEFS in our subconscious.

Even a slightest punishment from our parents or teachers will install a belief in our subconscious implying that "WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH" and it may have an adverse effect on our self esteem. So as you can see, you can never tell how many of these beliefs are embedded in your subconscious that is creating your present reality.

Unless you first clear these LIMITING BELIEFS , it is impossible for AFFIRMATIONS to give you the intended results.

On the other hand clearing LIMITING BELIEFS are not so difficult as it seems. If any one says that it is difficult, it is also a LIMITING BELIEF held by that person. There are several techniques that can be used to clear LIMITING BELIEFS.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I was heavily in debt at one time of my life. I was even thinking of selling my house to re pay this debt. But was so scared of selling my house as the real estate market is shooting up each and every day, and no sensible man would sell his own house at a juncture like this.

So I tried getting a mortgage loan against my house. I was so attached to this loan out of fear of being forced to sell my house, if this did not materialize. To my surprise my application was rejected. I re-tried with several banks to the same outcome.

Then at last I decided to sell my house. As I was in this mind set for a few days, suddenly one bank contacted me and asked me to see them. I went and met them and to my surprise, they agreed to give me the loan that I was trying to get so hard but couldn't in the past.

So as I contemplated on this scenario, it became clear that I was so attached to the loan fearing that I will have to sell my house, this really is lack mentality. What I was projecting to the universe was that I had no other option and was really in a LACK MENTALITY. As you see when I had another option to the bank loan in the case of selling my house, I let go my attachment to the loan and let God, (Universe) take care of the whole issue. I was ready for any outcome trusting in God or Universe or what ever name you call that power.

It cleared up the attachment and from then onwards I was detached and trusting in the higher power.

This is the graetest lesson I learnt from this incident. Now I am ready for any outcome, but I have great trust in God (Universe) to give me the best at that possible time.

My message to every one is LET GO and LET GOD handle it. Trust in GOD. (Universe, Higher Power, Source Energy or You Can Substitute Any Word for that Exalted Power)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Missing Piece ?

The reason we fail to develop our selves is that there is nothing to improve or develop in our selves, we are complete and whole as we already are. The only thing we need to do is improve our thoughts and feelings about our selves. We are made up of a conscious and unconscious self. The conscious self or EGO is always trying to be in control and all our misery is because of only this reason. On the other hand our unconscious self or HIGHER SELF/ TRUE SELF is the place we should turn to if we are to live a fulfilled life. The ego only thrives in the past and future. The present moment is the enemy of the EGO. But you only can access your higher self in the present moment. The present moment is the only place where you could get the real results using the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Because when you are in the present moment your mind is where your body is and not wandering in the past or in the future.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Illusion Of Personal Development

I have been searching all over these years for more than 10 years, reading most of the books and applying most of the programs offered on line and off line to try to improve myself. But after all these tryings and sufferings nothing really has changed.

I doubt whether your situation is different to mine. 99.99% it should be the same, because the more we try to improve our selves the more we fail. The main reason for this is our beliefs are 100% responsible for what we really project out side of us. If we think that we need to improve our selves we will always be going in circles and circles non stop. The reason is...................